Every year, as a kind of testing ground for our National Image Salon, I enter images into Ontario’s competition as well as at least one other province. And while I was very happy with my Ontario results (2 Accepted and 1 Merit) these Atlantic results had me over the moon with 1 Accepted, 2 Merits, and my very first Excellence!!!

La Grenouille – quite possibly the most unimaginative way to name something since that one time I named my cat Neko (aka Cat in Japanese). Also an image I never thought much of until it was questioned by a freind/fellow photographer why I hadn’t entered it in salon before. Apparently they were right!

Le Grenouille by Melissa Woodward


Pollack’s Arrowheads – my take on Monet’s Waterlillies

Pollack's Arrowheads by Melissa Woodward


Fade Away – Taken 4 or 5 years ago, I’ve always loved this image, so I finally got around to working on it some more and it seems to have paid off!
(Also, my only Pearl Jam lyric reference this year… it’s getting harder and harder to fit them in )

Fade Away by Melissa Woodward


Full Spectrum – pretty much just playing around with warping tools in photoshop.

Full Spectrum by Melissa Woodward


Melissa Woodward, CPA - PPOC's 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year! - Is a Photographic Artist is located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
Melissa is Nationally Accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada (www.ppoc.ca) in the categories of Newborn, Fine Art/Photo Decor, Botanical, Nature and Image Manipulation.
Melissa has also had her Fine Art Images displayed in galleries across Canada and Internationally.