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PPOC's 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year


Firstly, I am very thankful that the Artist of the Year award was up first and I didn’t feel obligated to give a speech like other award winners did. I am not a speech person or a get-up-in-front-of-other-people person at all (as anyone who was at the awards banquet could probably tell 😉 )

I am greatly humbled and honoured to be the Professional Photographers of Canada‘s 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year and to have two of my images accepted into this year’s Loan Collection. I would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the PPOC and this year’s esteemed judging panel for this honour.

la grenouille
Melissa Woodward CPA
08 Animals, Merit

I have wanted to be an artist of some sort for as long as I can remember. I aced art class all through high school, but once I graduated I went on a little academic detour that ended me up with a liberal arts diploma and a degree in psychology. It wasn’t until I was  26 that I decided to try my hand at a career in the art world again, and started working towards my diploma in Graphic Design. In college, I took a class in Photoshop where the world of image manipulation and digital art was opened up to me. Having learned all the rules and elements of good design I was then able to break those rules and get to the heart of my creativity.

Melissa Woodward CPA
09 Experimental/Unclassified, Accepted

Needless to say, I have had, and continue to have, a lot of support from various family and friends. Brad, my husband of 10 years, and my son, Isaac, have always been there to support, encourage, and put up with some of my crazy requests. For example, standing in front of a window and prying their eyes open so I’d have a decent eye to work with for my image HypnotEYEze. Or driving around aimlessly on a rainy/sunny/snowy afternoon; only to then come home and ignore them both for hours while I play with the images on my computer.  I’ve also had wonderful support from members of the PPOC, and I sincerely thank everyone in the photography and art world whose paths I’ve crossed along my creative journey so far.

Dancing Arrowheads
Melissa Woodward CPA
10 Fine Art, Merit

The images I submitted into this years PPOC Image Salon are a culmination of me and what I have learned as an artist and photographer. Some of the images follow all the rules, while other break them beautifully. I’m going to take this great accomplishment and push myself to learn more, discover more about who I am as an artist, and try to win it again.

Fade Away
Melissa Woodward CPA
10 Fine Art, Excellence

I want to again say how grateful I am to receive this award—especially knowing that the PPOC is full of photographers who are equally deserving.

Thank you,



May 1, 2017: Ottawa, Ontario – Kirkland Lake photographer Melissa Woodward, CPA , has had 4 images selected for inclusion in a national exhibition.

Melissa has won the coveted title of

Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2017
Photographic Artist of the Year

at the Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2017 annual competition; a national exhibition celebrating the best of Canadian professional photography.

As well, her images ‘La Grenouille’ and ‘Fade Away’ have been selected for inclusion in the Professional Photographers of Canada’s 2017 Loan Collection.

A panel of master photographers judged the best works submitted by professional photographers from across Canada and only accepted outstanding images into the 2017 National Image Salon of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). The salon was exhibited this week during the International Photo Conference, the annual conference of the PPOC held this year in Ottawa, Ontario.

In addition to demonstrating the makers’ ability to make outstanding images for their clientele, inclusion into the salon earns the maker merits toward several designations offered to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. The competition features entries from across Canada in 21 different classes, including press, portrait, architecture and fashion.

“Photographers must show extraordinary talent to win an award among such illustrious company,” said Charles van den Ouden MPA, Chair of the National Exhibition Committee. “We were thrilled to see so many inspiring entries in the competition this year. The salon images clearly demonstrate the exceptional skill and quality that professionals bring to the medium of photography.”

Thank you to Sébastien Lavallée for these wonderful photos from the awards banquet.

Melissa Woodward, CPA - PPOC's 2017 Photographic Artist of the Year! - Is a Photographic Artist is located in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
Melissa is Nationally Accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada ( in the categories of Newborn, Fine Art/Photo Decor, Botanical, Nature and Image Manipulation.
Melissa has also had her Fine Art Images displayed in galleries across Canada and Internationally.


  1. Congratulations Melissa!! Well deserved. Your work is beautiful and stunning.

  2. Very nice to see you win this recognition.
    And so humbly.

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